With uniqueness and diversity being the top priorities, VIREX has always had strategies in place to differentiate its brand, so that each project implemented has its own design, unique style, and impressive imprints.

Luxurious. Sophisticated.
Class. Eternity.
King Palace is a proud presence in the midst of a modern and dynamic capital, symbolizing a prosperous, successful, and fulfilling community.


"Visit Quy Nhon - Stay Altara"

Altara Residences Quy Nhon converges 5 elements of “smart” living standards unprecedented in Quy Nhon in order to create a modern and classy project.
Living in a secure environment
Clean living conditions
Contemporary living conditions
International living conditions
Living conditions that are civilized

Muong Hoa Sa Pa
Cultural Park

"A must visit place"

“Muong Hoa Cultural Park tells the story of a “”Miniature Northwest”” in the palm of your hand.
This will be a large-scale project that will bring together a number of world-famous brand hotels and resort hotels. Muong Hoa Sa Pa Cultural Park will help Lao Cai become a popular tourist destination around the world.”
We believe that a healthy life for people is a combination of modern architecture and spaces to enjoy nature’s harmony. Surrounded by the romantic Long Xuyen River, Golden City An Giang promises to bring high-class experiences in the heart of the green city while preserving the Southwest region’s “generous and liberal” character.


“The most valuable symbol
of Da Nang City”

M Landmark has the most expensive location in the city and a beautiful view that is difficult to match when capturing the eyes of the romantic Han River and 6 bridges crossing, including: Thuan Phuoc bridge, Han river bridge, Dragon bridge, Nguyen Van Troi bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge, Tien Son bridge.
Not only that, but M- Landmark is located at “km zero,” a symbol associated with Da Nang, where Da Nang people often take pride in a historical place that is so connected to the past and present.

Binh Minh Cao Vien
Industrial Clusters

Binh Minh Cao Vien industrial cluster, located along National Highway 21B in the territory of Binh Minh, Cao Vien, and Bich Hoa communes (Thanh Oai district). This project is fulfilling the needs of expanding production, attracting foreign investment resources to the locality, creating favorable conditions for socio-economic development in a sustainable direction, in accordance with the socio-economic development planning.

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